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Cold Press Machine for Plywood

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Making wood is a difficult operation that requires the use of several machinery. For some tasks, different machines with varied results are available. Cold or hot presses are one example of this.

Cold Presses

In cold presses, force is produced by ambient platens, or rollers. The process's operation is affected by a number of variables, including time, moisture content, pressure, and temperature. Additionally, cold presses may be less expensive to operate than hot presses. which is advantageous during the peak of energy prices.

It is commonly recognized that in some cases, cold gluing is the ideal method. Better qualities than those acquired by hot pressing can be obtained from the final product produced by the cold procedure.

The lengthy glue drying times are one of the limitations of a cold press. It takes a lot longer than the hot press to do this. The latest generation of glues is, however, surpassing this restriction. Applying glue in a cold press has significantly shortened the curing period.

Using cold-curing adhesives, cold presses enable stack pressing. Chipboard and MDF panels, laminate panels, doors, and other surfaces are veneered using them. In the furniture sector, cold presses are often used. On the other hand, the marine sector, among others, uses hot presses extensively to create polymer fenders.

Hydraulic cold presses generate increased forces in order to manufacture items that require molding. Utilized in the production of doors, partitions and various other items. These machines are suitable for processing plywood, MDF sheets, and a variety of other surfaces.

A cold press is a powerful device that may increase the productivity and profitability of your production line. You should view this equipment as an investment rather than an expense because you will have it for a very long time.

With MuTian's expertise, you may find a cold press that is ideal for your company fast and with good results.

View the cold presses that we presently carry.

cold press machine

What MuTian Provides

Due to their extensive experience in creating presses for the wood industry, MuTian now provides a variety of models with specific features tailored to meet varying production needs for the wood, plastics, and metal-working sectors.

Platen presses, either hot or cold, can be used to create nearly any component needed to construct a wood or composite panel.

Our website has all of our current presses available for viewing, but if you are having trouble finding what you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with Miranda.